Vote for Pickens on November 5th

Why I'm Running

Standing for our Community

Local elections aren’t flashy like national or state-wide elections, but the majority of decisions impacting us on a daily basis take place on the local level. Traffic, types of economic development, housing, public safety, trash collection, and even drinking water are all decisions made at our local level. My desire is to bring awareness to this - that we as city residents have a voice in deciding what happens within our ward and in our city.  

Here in Smyrna, I have found it important to stay aware of development plans, attend city hall meetings, and have conversations with our city officials to raise concerns about our local issues. I believe city issues are something every constituent should be aware of and know they have the ability to use their voice for change. 

As your city councilman, I will strive to listen to all of your concerns in order to achieve results, be transparent, be trustworthy, and provide access to all Ward 1 residents.  

I am honored for this opportunity to represent my neighbors and my Ward 1 community.  Let's shape our community for years to come. 

My Promise

To be accessible, to listen to concerns, and to achieve transparent results through trustworthiness.


Transparency in communication of what is going on in our city. I believe one of the best ways to lead Ward 1 is through consistent and open communication. 


Accessibility to me as a councilman to discuss and have conversations about what is going on in our ward. I am available to hear your concerns and needs.


Trustworthy to be your councilman through holding a core value of honesty and integrity. I want you as a voter to feel confident in my representation on your behalf.


Thank you for choosing this campaign. I am looking forward to furthering Ward 1 and Smyrna for the future.

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